Australia by Seaplane has been operating Landplane and Seaplane Aircraft Charter Flights throughout the East Coast of Australia for more than 8 years.

In 2010, we began expansion of our Landplane operation into the exciting world of Seaplanes with the acquisition of Guru Aviation from Port Macquarie NSW.   

Now, more than 6 years later, Gladstone Qld is our main base of operation.  The primary expertise from our Head Office in Gladstone is the Seaplane transport of clients throughout the Southern Great Barrier Reef region and the surrounding network of Islands.

Why spend seemingly endless hours on ferries and charter vessels, when for a similar cost you can be at your destination in minutes and avoid the delays associated with boat and ferry transfers.



We are committed to providing our clients with the very best flying experience from the moment you begin your preflight safety briefing until you disembark the aircraft.

Our focus is to provide a safe, unique and enjoyable experience for each of our guests. Our high-wing aircraft enable our clients to enjoy an unobstructed view of the spectacular and unique region that is the Southern Great Barrier Reef. 

All of our aircraft are maintained in accordance with CASA's high aviation standards to ensure safety and reliability for our clients.

Excellent experience, from the runway take-off to the gentle landing on the water at Heron Island. I can’t recommend your service enough, it’s the best way to view the reef and islands!
— Colin Cameron, Maroochydore Australia


  • GBRMPA Marine Parks Permit G12/35415.1 
  • CASA Air Operators Certificate         AOC #1-1X5S6-04 Aircraft Charter - Multi-Engine IFR, Single-Engine VFR, Seaplane VFR.

Permission to Operate Seaplane Aircraft on the Great Barrier Reef

Aircraft Charter - Multi Engine IFR  

Aircraft Charter - Single Engine VFR

Aircraft Charter - Amphibious Seaplanes